Kaweco Supra Review

A stunning pen that unfolds a unique writing experience.

The Brass Kaweco Supra stands out as a truly unique writing instrument, distinguished by its exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive design. The pen is crafted entirely from solid brass, a material that not only lends it a robust and durable feel but also develops a rich, unique patina over time, adding to its character. This aging process ensures that each Brass Kaweco Supra becomes a personalized work of art, reflecting the individual experiences and usage patterns of its owner.

Pen: Kaweco Supra Brass Nib: Double Broad Stainless Ink: Sailor Manyo Ume

What sets the Brass Kaweco Supra apart is its innovative modular design. The pen features a screw-on mechanism that allows users to adjust its length, transforming it from a pocket-sized compact pen to a full-sized writing instrument. This versatility makes it an ideal companion for those who appreciate adaptability in their everyday tools. The attention to detail in both form and function showcases the dedication to quality that Kaweco is known for, making the Brass Kaweco Supra a standout in the world of fine writing instruments.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal and versatility, the Brass Kaweco Supra delivers a superb writing experience. The weight and balance of the pen, coupled with the smooth flow of ink from its nib, contribute to a luxurious feel on paper. The combination of functionality, durability, and the evolving patina makes the Brass Kaweco Supra more than just a writing tool; it becomes a cherished artifact, embodying the owner’s journey and the art of writing.

You can purchase The Brass Kaweco Supra, on Amazon here.

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  1. Beautiful pen and beautiful writing! Thanks!!

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